Terms and Conditions 2024


Version 1.0 (2024)

Payment options

1. Monthly Payment Agreement

You'll need to set up a standing order for £40.00, preferably for the 1st of each month but please let me know if you need a different payment date.

This covers classes for 40 weeks of the year. The shop will be closed for 8 weeks of the year (pre-planned in January but subject to change). You also get up to 4 classes (no charge) to take holidays, allow for sickness, or just to have the time off. If you do not take them all, you will be in credit, which will be refunded at the end of the year.

You do not get charged if I have to cancel the class for any reason (e.g. sickness/emergency).

Your place in the class is guaranteed every week you are under the Monthly Payment Agreement.

There is a notice period of 4 weeks if you wish to cancel your place.

2. Block of 5

A block of 5 consecutive classes is £72.00.

Your payment is due on week 4 of 5 to secure your place on the next 5 week block.

You do not get charged if I have to cancel the class for any reason (e.g. sickness/emergency). Your payment for that week will be rolled forward or refunded.

Your place in the class is guaranteed only for the 5 weeks for which you have paid.

There is no notice period.

Class times

Class times are set for either 12pm-2pm or 6pm-8pm.

Due to my new schedule and the extra classes I now teach, my free time outside of class is more important than ever. From January, I will no longer be able to accommodate earlier start times, later finishes, swapping of classes etc. Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the class starts - that should be enough time to choose and/or set up your machine and get settled.

Your non-attendance of a class does not provide the right to refunds, extra tuition, or a transfer of that class to another day/time. 

If you'd like to continue with classes (on either of the payment methods above), please agree to the terms and conditions below. Alternatively, please drop me a message if you'd like to cancel your place in the class.

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